DEEP TISSUE FULL BODY MASSAGE | Head to toe treatment demonstration

Ninja demonstrates on Matt how an hour full body ‘footy rub’ would look like if you wanted to come in for just a general treatment.

This treatment is for anybody. The treatment aims to explore and effect a response in the tendon and joint regions. It can also bring awareness to areas in the body where blocks and dysfunction is accumulating. This can be invaluable to the customer because they can adjust training loads, change posture, mobilse more, self treat, rest longer etc in those regions of the body. Ninja being an experienced practitioner and innovator in this style of treatment is able to be discerning when it comes to treating deeply and thoroughly into key areas and move on quickly on healthy tissues. At the same time sticking to the principles of treatment: sink in and out slowly, relentless connection to stuck tissues, exploring angles, encouraging flow away from the block, trusting intuition, communicating with customer…. This video gives you a rare glimpse into a master practitioners treatment room!

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