Dr Greger's Twenty-One Tweaks (How Not to Diet)

Spoiler alert!

Here is Dr Greger’s Twenty-One Tweaks
to accelerate weight loss from How Not to Diet

aka Dr Greger’s Twenty-One Tricks


At Each Meal
1) preload with water
2) preload with “negative calorie” foods
3) incorporate vinegar (2 tsps with each meal)
4) enjoy undistracted meals
(mindful eating, no distractions like TV)
5) follow the twenty-minute rule
(try to eat slow and stretch meal to 20 minutes)
Note: I said 21, but I think it’s 20 in the final version of the book

Every Day
6) black cumin (nigella sativa) (1/4 tsp)
7) garlic powder (1/4 tsp)
8) ground ginger (1 tsp) or cayenne pepper (1/2 tsp)
9) nutritional yeast (2 tsps)
10) cumin (1/2 tsp with lunch and dinner)

Note: he may mention packing the spices into capsules
as an alternative to sprinkling on food

11) green tea (3 cups)
12) stay hydrated
13) deflour your diet
(avoid flour products)
14) front-load your calories
(eat a big breakfast, smaller lunch / dinner)
15) time-restrict your eating
(eat within a 12 hour window)
16) optimize exercise timing
(exercise on empty stomach / fasted state)
17) weigh yourself twice a day
18) complete your implementation intentions
(setting goals for yourself)

Every Night
19) fast after 7:00pm
20) get sufficient sleep
21) experiment with mild trendelenburg
“Try spending at least four hours a night lying with your body tilted head-down 6 degrees by elevating the posts at the foot of your bed by 8 inches”

Dr Greger’s Twenty-One Tweaks
Dr Greger’s Twenty-One Tricks
Dr Greger’s 21 Tweaks
Dr Greger’s 21 Tricks

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