Push to shut down troubled mental health facility in New Jersey

There is a push to close a mental health facility in New Jersey that is ridden with problems ranging from broken toilets to bed begs.

Officials say living conditions are horrible at Manalapan Manor, home to many people with hardships or mental health issues.

“It’s filthy, they don’t get food after 4:30,” said Manalapan Township Mayor Susan Cohen. “Dinner could be a bologna sandwich.”

We wanted to see inside and talk to the owner of the privately owned facility but were turned away so we left.

But the township shared pictures that leaders say some of the residents sent to them, of the rooms, beds and floors.

Outside, parts of the buildlngs are in disrepair. Christina DeFilippo, who lives nearby, says her son was an EMT who responded to the manor many times.

“He was told not to go in, there are bed bugs in there,” she said.

The mayor says there is no oversight of residents who need medications, and that they are allowed to roam, with nowhere to go.

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