IF DIET WERE A PERSON || Try not to laugh by 5-Minute FUN

What if your diet were a person? Try not to laugh!
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Sometimes you just can not stay out of food. You need help! What if there was someone who can help you with following your diet at absolutely ANY moment?

0:12 No Lay’s for you, girl!
0:20 Wanna eat Nutella? Try with THAT spoon!
0:45 Going to the restaurant, while being on a diet
0:53 Dream about eating a burger
1:12 The Diet sleeps in your refrigerator. No more night snacks!
1:25 Cucumber instead of the cake
1:40 Prank
1:55 Wrapping to get slimmer
2:08 No snacks for you, girl!
2:25 That is not time to eat yet!
2:40 Even romantic date should be healthy
3:00 Fractional feeding
3:17 You want a salad. Sure.
3:30 The only person your diet is afraid of it’s your Grandma!
3:40 Sport for a treat
3:53 Anna decides to eat healthily


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