Podcast #233: Diet and Nutrition Advice from the Doctor of Gains | The Art of Manliness

When it comes to fitness, figuring out what kind of diet to follow can get really confusing, really fast.

There are so many plans out there to choose from: Paleo, slow-carb, carb-backloading, intermittent fasting, if it fits your macros, etc. Compounding the confusion is all the information out there about about timing your nutrition so that you can get maximal muscle gains while reducing fat accumulation.

The choices can be so overwhelming that some men just give up altogether and go back to eating whatever it is they feel like. Mainly cheesy poofs.

Today on the show, we cut through all the confusion when it comes to nutrition and fitness by talking to an actual Doctor of Gains. His name is Jordan Feigenbaum. He’s a Starting Strength Coach, diet consultant for some of the best competitive powerlifters and CrossFit athletes in the world, and a medical doctor currently doing his residency at UCLA.

Jordan I discuss why barbell training is the best medicine for overall fitness, the best way to approach diet for strength training, and why you can’t gain strength and muscle while simultaneously losing fat. We also discuss which supplements are the biggest waste of money and which ones are actually scientifically proven to work. This episode is jam-packed with actionable information, so be sure to take notes.

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