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This video shares some of my favorite healthy snacks – updates! Enjoy xo

Go Macro bar – http://l.thrv.me/drmv8-2Fgomacro-macrobar-dark-chocolate-

That’s it bar – http://l.thrv.me/drmv6-2Fthats-it-apple-and-strawberry-fr

Mary’s gone crackers – http://l.thrv.me/drmv4-2Fmarys-gone-crackers-organic-supe

Simple mills crackers- http://l.thrv.me/drmv0-2Fsimple-mills-rosemary-sea-salt-a

Hippeas – http://l.thrv.me/drmv9-2Fhippeas-organic-vegan-white-ched

Hu chocolate- http://l.thrv.me/drmv2-2Fhu-salty-dark-chocolate-b

Lily’s chocolate- http://l.thrv.me/drmv2-2Flilys-sweets-stevia-sweetened-ex

Almond butter- http://l.thrv.me/drmv3-2Fartisana-almond-butt

Popcorn- http://l.thrv.me/drmv6-2Flesser-evil-organic-himalayan-pi

Healthy Snacks – What I Eat In A Day | Dr Mona Vand

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