Thurston Waffles DIET Shrimpcomp #3 (Just Clips, No Frills)

REGULAR SHRIMPCOMP #3 AVAILABLE HERE! Dad’s edit, weird and fun, extra clips!

Welcome to the Diet Shrimpcomp! From now on, the Diet and Regular Shrimpcomps will contain a few different clips each. Just a little easter egg for those of you who choose to watch both! From now on I will generally avoid using copyrighted music, but I AM putting together a playlist of our favorite music if you want to see what we are listening to! I sincerely hope you enjoyed the show!

You can find a playlist of our favorite music I’ll be updating by clicking

Music is all from the game Fragile Dreams, or my own ❤️

Check out our other social media for regular goofing off and a whole lot o’ shrimping! (Thats a fancy word for a kitty tantrum in Thurstyworld 🙂 You can also find music and other video details further down.

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