Um Jeffree Star is being super sketch about Shane Dawson series finale…

Are there MORE issues surrounding Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star’s conspiracy palette?
As we reported on Monday, many fans who ordered from the website Beauty Bay have been getting cracked palettes with eye shadow everywhere. However, cracked boxes aren’t the only issue now. We may be experiencing a Jaclyn Hill problem. Remember when Jaclyn Hill launched her lipstick collection and fans were finding mold, plastic and/or hairs all over it? Well now fans are finding some hairy palettes too. From Shane and Jeffree. And they aren’t from one specific company the way the cracked palettes are from Beauty Bay, they are coming from all over. No word yet on if anything will be done or if there is an explanation for this but we do have word on the finale of the series! Shane announced on Twitter that the beautiful world of Jeffree Star would be ending today.

Oh, YES! Shane Dawson finally spills the tea on beauty drama and the finale of Jeffree Star series! –

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