James Charles Mistakes Himself For Dua Lipa & Shawn Mendes Tweets During Camila's Performance!

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Look, I love award shows. But some are more memorable than others. And you know, this year’s American Music Awards was surprisingly jammed packed of notable moments. So much so, that it was really easy to miss some if you weren’t paying attention. What’s up guys it’s Dani Golub here with Clevver News and I’m here to show you all of the moments that flew under the radar at this year’s AMAs, and some other “blink and you missed it” moments. Billie Eilish’s performance of “All The Good Girls Go To Hell”.But if you’re in a relationship, you know how it is. When your S/O steps away for a moment, you finally get some precious phone time.But, uh, that’s not supposed to be the case when your S/O is performing on a national stage right in front of you. But that didn’t stop Shawn.During Camila’s second of three performances of the night, Shawn was caught tweeting! He sent out this tweet right in the middle of Camila singing her newest song “Living Proof”.“thank you everyone thank you so much,” he said in his ill-timed tweet “also camila cabello, i admire you so much you unbelievable human being thank you for being you. We love u guys”.Shawn, I don’t think she can read your tweet right now, on account of her being on stage and all. But at least it was a message with a good intent! She’ll see it when she gets back off stage. Speaking of Twitter, James Charles wasn’t at the AMAs tonight…or at least we didn’t think he was. PopCrave tweeted out these photos of Dua Lipa, along with the caption “Dua Lipa looks pretty in pink on the AMAs red carpet”.Innocent enough, right?Well, here comes James Charles! He hilariously commented “I thought this was me”.
Honestly, it’s CHILLING how right he is. I’ll never be able to look at Dua Lipa the same. Look what you’ve done to me, James! And on the topic of looking at what someone has done, or has made me do, let’s talk about Taylor’s artist of the decade performance for a second.I know we all saw her performance happen, but did we catch the outfit that Taylor wore briefly in the beginning?Because some people are saying that this was a subtle dig at Scooter Braun it itself. I mean, it certainly does look like the font that they use on prison jumpsuits. But this one is definitely up for interpretation.What’s not up for interpretation is Carrie Underwood’s success. She was called on stage to accept her award for best country album for her recent album “Cry Pretty”.It was pretty early into the award show, but I guess they were already running behind, because while she was up there, they decided to give her the award for “best country female artist” as well.Somebody on twitter had a theory that the AMAs miiiight not appreciate country music as much as they should, saying “Cobie Smulders really said “we’re running behind, Carrie Underwood take 2 awards since nobody cares about country music”Ouch. Well, no matter what, Carrie is much deserved for those two awards! So let’s hear from you guys. Let me know what your favorite moment from tonight’s AMAs were. Have we talked about it already? Or is it something that we missed as well? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.And then click that subscribe button below to see the latest coverage of tonight’s AMAs, as well as all the other stories we’ve got coming up for you!

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