Is This The Most Important Factor in Health?

After nearly 20 years of clinical practice, I have found that a lack of connection may well be the most important factor in our health.

When we lack connection, we often turn to behaviours that help us fill this void, such as sugar consumption, mindless scrolling on social media or drinking too much alcohol.

I cover this topic in detail in my upcoming book #FeelBetterin5 – I call this component of our health ‘HEART’ – I have seen over and over again that when you nurture connection in your life, it’s much easier to make other positive. You can hit the link in my bio to pre-order your copy of the book – it’s currently half price!

In this week’s #FBLM podcast with @Andyramageofficial we discuss how a lack of connection can fuel our alcohol intake.

I would dearly love to know your thoughts on this topic. How important do you think human connection is for health? And, as it is the weekend, let me know how you plan to nurture your own connections today!

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