Bye Sister…James Charles is OVER the beauty drama with Tati and Jeffree Star

James Charles opens up about how he was feeling during all of Dramageddon 2.
James Charles did an interview with Paper Magazine that was released last week and in it, he tackled a lot of subjects from all of the controversies he’s been involved in, from Dramageddon 2 to the idea of cancel culture. In the interview, he told the camera he developed anxiety later in life after he got onto social media. Which led him into his mindset during all of Dramageddon 2. He talked about being halfway across the world in Australia when the whole thing started and how that was a blessing because he was surrounded by beauty during a dark and ugly time. It’s been 6 months since all of it went down and he’s still not “back to normal” like he previously thought he would be by this time.

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