Yesterdays | Breaking Out All Our Christmas Decorations

The Rundown:
– I bought 4 new trees, one snow globe & 3 nutcrackers. 😂
– 98% of my christmas decor is from HomeGoods two years ago.
– Adult drinking game : take a shot everytime I say Robert’s Winter/ Christmas Wonderland. 🙄😂🎄
– Sublime tee’s are from Urban Outfitters.
– The kittens broke our christmas tree last year but so far so good.
– I think I rearranged decorations only 4 times this year. 😂
– Not really sure where I got that pepperoni pizza looking neon christmas tree but I think it was Amazon?!
– When decorating any area I try to work from the outside in, placing larger or taller pieces on the outer corners and working in towards the center with smaller pieces.
– Also when placing decorations I constantly step back to make sure I can see every piece and nobody is blocking anybody.
– Flannel is Nike x Supreme
– Sunnies are J.Lo x Quay
– The christmas tree did NOT weigh 400 pounds
– The door handle pinched the skin on my pinky…don’t ask me how?!
– Sweatpants are Jeremys 😂
– Home Alone 2 is the best sequel ever made.
– I’m not sure the name of our tree but reading off the box it says 7.5 Deluxe Smokey Mountain Mixed Needle Tree??
– One of the plugs came undone and thats why is wasn’t lit!
– Tiny’s turning 18. 😳
– Tree skirt is from… guessed it! HomeGoods!
– LED cluster lights that are strung thru are from Roberts.
– Tree Topper is from World Market.

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