Ellen fisher VS Dietitian Abbey Sharp's Baby Diet. Freelee's review.

Freelee the banana girl reviews Dietitian Abbey Sharp’s review on Ellen Fisher’s vegan babies diet. Freelee compares micronutrient, vitamin and mineral status of Abbey Sharp’s baby to Ellen Fisher’s “unnatural vegan” fruit-based baby diet. Here is Dietitian Abbey Sharp’s original video from YouTube channel Abbey’s Kitchen: “Dietitian reviews Ellen Fisher – her baby’s Vegan diet” :

Ellen Fisher’s “What I feed my vegan baby in Hawaii” video is here:

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Freelee’s other video on Abbey Sharp’s baby diet on her new channel is called “Abbey Sharp shows you how to endanger your baby”:
Freelee’s Initial video on Abbey Sharp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFTGC2fudsg

Freelee is shocked after watching Abbey’s video and comparing it to the diet she fed her own 11 month old baby who she has named Baby E. She does #babyledweaning and shares his plates on her Instagram page.

Freelee has made two videos in response to Abbey’s videos and both times she’s removed two fo the videos in question which is awesome. That’s the power of speaking up, please keep doing it.

So Abbey is sweet as pie in the video in order to soften her vegan audience and make them more receptive to her message but is she accurate? Firstly Abbey comments on Ellen’s son Sandy having only juice for his first meal. She says she doesn’t like the lack of fibre. Freelee agrees with Abbey and her statement “fibre is important our diets”, it’s important for many reasons however, her critiquing Ellen Fisher on fibre seems super hypocritical. If we have a look at her baby led weaning plates we see many examples like the meaty plate Freelee shows loaded with fibre-less constipating animal products. Baby E is much better off drinking some fibre-less juice rather than a plate full of lamb, chicken and cheese.

Abbey claims Ellen Fisher’s son Sandy is meeting all his nutritional needs yet Abbey goes onto directly contradict herself and say “But his diet is far from balanced”. This is coming from the woman who restricts her babies fruit intake. Again Freelee talks all about it in her other eye-opening video.
Even though his nutrition is adequate Abbey recommends Sandy eats a bunch of hard to digest foods throughout the video.

Sandy gets most of his calories from Avocado which is said to be the ideal complimentary transitional food for babies: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4882728/

Abbey is acting like b12 deficiency is just a “vegan” thing when it is not. B12 deficiency is a widespread problem due to modern animal agriculture screwing things up. The Framingham study for instance demonstrated that 39% of people in the USA had a low level of b12 regardless of diet. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10648266 Lack of absorption is a huge problem. Japan and parts of Europe also have double the safe level of USA and Canada.

Although Abbey already stated that Ellen Fisher’s son Sandy was meeting his needs she goes onto show concern about him getting enough iron. Her baby led weaning Abbey often feeds her son cheese and continues to feed him abundantly to this day, even 4 times in one day. Research shows that babies eating products made from cows milk that contain casein can have a 30% increase in intestinal bleeds and therefore significant iron loss in stools.

Vitamin D toxicity in infants:

For the rest of the information Freelee gathered please watch the video!

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