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Full Diet Plan
(1)Wake-up:- 1 banana + 5 almonds + 5 cashew-nuts
(2)Breakfast meal :- 1 cup oats+2 bananas +1 glass milk.
(Optional) :- 1) Peanut butter & multigrain bread.
2) Chapatis.
3) Poha, Upma.
4) Omelet with bread
(3) Mid-meal :- 4 whole eggs(opt)sandwich.
(4) Lunch :- Multigrain, 3 Chapatis + Mixed Vegetables + Curd + salad.
(Optional) – Brown rice, Dal, Scrambled eggs, Yogurts.
Evening :- Protein Shake, 1 banana.
Dinner :- Cooked rice & dal or grilled chicken or panner.
Before-bed :- Milk. (optional) – Soybean
-beans (Rajma)
PROTEINS :- 106 gm
FATS :- 80 gm
CARBS :- 206 gm
FIBERS :- 38 gm
CALORIES:-2200 gm

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