24 Hour Mental Health Charity Livestream! — Crisis Textline PART TWO

DONATE ——— http://tiny.cc/donatehfm ——— DONATE to Crisis Textline through Tiltify. Suicide, depression, self-harm, and other mental illness are freaking hard to deal with, but we can help. I work for a similar organisation here in New Zealand, and I know the important work they do for people in dark places. This is part of Crisis Textline’s #GetOutTheNumber campaign.

DO NOT USE EMOTES — a YouTube bot has been banning accounts that do during livestreams, and they may ban yours.

UNITED STATES : Text to 741741
CANADA : Text HOME to 686868

Using Tiltify to donate means I do not handle any of the money, meaning your $ goes straight to them the total comes with lowest fees possible!

Big thanks to Red and Blue from Overly Sarcastic Productions, Daniel Greene, Nando v Movies, Sage Hyden, Benji from the Tale Foundry, Ranton, Browntable, Henry Bosely from the Closer Look, Mr Sunday Movies, Murphy Napier, Filmento, Ghostbird// Jennifer, negaHORRORyx, Suibhne, Razbuten, Eugenia Cooney, Bailey from Films&Stuff, and Alt Shift X for joining me on the livestream at various points.

Also massive thanks to my mods, Rebecca, Laura, Courtney, Natalie, Ellie, Jen, David, and other Rebecc for helping to moderate and keep the stream alive.

‘Streaming Starting Soon’ background provided by Sunari VFX https://tinyurl.com/uhk5h5o Thank you!

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