NEW! Jeffree Star Holiday Mystery Box | 2019 | What did I just unbox?!

Hello my beauties how are you this weekend. Today I bring you my first ever Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday mystery box. I finally got my hands on one and I was utterly shocked over what I unboxed to say the least. He dropped three different sizes as usual and I bought the Premium one which was $60 and valued at $121. Im really getting in to mystery boxes and I love that a lot of brands are jumping on this trend. It’s also a great way to try different products by brands and save money. Let me know if there are any mystery boxes, bags, or bundles that you come across that you are interested in. I will do my best to grab them and review them for you. It doesn’t only have to be makeup it can be anything. Please subscribe and hit the like button if you like mystery boxes. Love y’all. xoxo

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