The Human Diet and Existence 2020

The Diets of Man 5:38

Protein Myth and Ancient Ancestors 15:04

The Essene way of life 20:14

Ancient Ancestors and long life span 32:05

Essene Gospel Read Thru and Explained 33:55

The Mother 35:04

The Devil 38:10

The Law 41:04


The Sick Begin Fasting 47:29

Jesus pulls out the worm in man 48:39

Modern Day 51:04

Outro 1:01:13

The goal of this video is to inspire the viewer’s imagination to perceive a reality that has been lost to the human race.

We have lost sight of Mother Nature. Our bodies are suffering from Autointoxication, but the worst part is that many of us never have considered the idea of cleansing. This video is an attempt to connect the occult and healing into one topic. The Essene Gospel of Peace truly opens the individual to perceive reality from simplicity. The Essenes preserved the way of their ancestors which were the Hyperboreans.

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