Jeffree Star's Mini Mystery Box INFURIATES Fans!

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There’s been a trend going around the internet lately. By no means is it a new trend, but it’s something that has been happening more often than usual this year. And a lot of youtube celebrities and make up artists are paying the price.

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and lately, when people don’t like a product that they’ve been sold, they sure don’t hesitate to let the people behind the product know of their displeasure.

And this time it’s happening to Jeffree Star, who began sending out his yearly holiday mystery boxes.

The boxes came out just in time for Black Friday a few weeks ago. Jeffree announced the launch via his cosmetics page Instagram account. He said “Three boxes, all with one or more exclusive items…including new makeup that will only be made for this release and never made again”.

As he said in the post, there were three boxes that customers could choose from. The first was the mini mystery box, which included 2 items and 1 exclusive mystery item – all for $20 dollars.

On the promotional flyer, it says that the mini box has a true value of over $44 dollars. The two larger boxes are similar – the premium had 5 items while the deluxe had 8 items. All also included a mystery item as well, and were priced much cheaper than their estimated value.

And in true Jeffree Star fashion, they sold out almost immediately.

Sounds pretty good right? Well, not according to some fans of Jeffree Star who bought the mini mystery box over the holiday weekend.

That’s because the boxes have started to arrive, and some people are apparently disappointed to find that their exclusive item isn’t meeting the standards that they expected during purchase.

People who ordered the mini box were surprised to see that they received a small packet of stickers alongside the two items they were promised. Some customers are saying that they were also promised a third cosmetic item instead.

Stickers don’t really equal makeup…

One person said “Holiday launches are expected to be the highlight of a brands year. 2019 was incredible for Jeffree Star. Is this really how you treat your loyal fan and supporters… by giving them STICKERS in their holiday mystery box?

Well, I guess Jeffree was caught off guard by this fan’s disappointment and perhaps reacted a bit harsher than he should have, hence why the tweet is now deleted.

Jeffree replied to her directly in a now-deleted tweet, saying “I just showed your message to the guy that spent hours drawing those stickers, he said you are rude and disgusting. My holiday collection was with Shane, mystery boxes are fun and … a mystery. Get over yourself. The entitlement is gross”.

Well, more people came out of the woodwork to support the disappointed fan, saying they too expected more than a packet of stickers to be their exclusive item.

That’s because fans say that in the advertising for the mystery box that was posted by Jeffree Star cosmetics, they were promised one exclusive mystery COSMETIC item.

And so customers are frustrated because stickers are clearly not cosmetic.

So people began accusing Jeffree of false advertising and stealing people’s money.
Like this person, who said “If I’m really getting stickers from the Jeffree Star holiday mini mystery box I’m going to be upset. It is not a cosmetic item.“

Well, after seeing people’s displeasure, he went on Instagram to try to correct his wrong.

He said that he originally wasn’t aware that he was advertising an exclusive COSMETICS item. The markups for the posters he saw apparently didn’t have the word “cosmetic” – just that they contained one exclusive mystery item.

He blamed the art team who made the posters – he said the first poster that they put up on instagram said “cosmetic”. The post was since deleted, of course.

And he clarified, saying that the art team must have used an old template from one of the mystery boxes that he’s released in past years.

Now I want to turn it over to you. What do you guys think of the whole thing? Did you get a mystery box? And either way, what do you think of the stickers? And do you love the way Jeffree handles things when customers aren’t happy? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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I’m Sussan Mourad and I’ll catch you later!

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