Using XR For Good Panel: Lessons From Humanitarian, Health, And International Organizations

An in depth look at how three organisations are using VR and AR in different ways to build empathy or as an educational tool. Christopher will talk about how the ICRC have used AR and VR to communicate about urban warfare with the aim of building empathy. He can talk about two projects i. Enter the Room, an AR project: ii. Google Daydream Impact funded VR film the Right Choice: Sandra will share insights from their VR project about the threat of improvised explosive devices in Fallujah, Iraq. Charlotte will talk about how VR can be used for health promotion and education in their film that aims to remove stigma, and motivate young people to get tested for HIV.

Amir Rubin: Co-Founder / CEO , Sixense Enterprises Inc
Sandra Bialystok: Digital Media Coordinator , Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD)
Tamar Hay: Education Director , Peres Center for Peace and Innovation
Christopher Nicholas: Audiovisual Producer , International Committee of the Red Cross
Charlotte Sector: Communications Manager , UNAIDS
Moderator: Ori Inbar (CoFounder AWE and Super Ventures)

A talk from AWE Tel Aviv 2019 – Main Stage

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