My Transition – Part 2 – a Lifetime on the Diet Roller Coaster

Over the course of several videos, which I’ll release weekly, I’ll discuss my transition from a physical and emotional dumpster fire to where I am today. I’ll talk about my relationship with food and alcohol, my failed diet attempts over the years, and the impact of being overweight or obese most of my adult life. I’ll describe how I settled on keto as my diet/lifestyle and some of the “life hacks” I’ve used to look, feel, and perform better at age 51 than I have since college.

In this second episode, I’ll talk about recognizing my personal traumas/triggers that led to a lifetime of bad eating habits, heavy drinking, and obesity. I’ll also take you through my roller coaster ride of weight loss and subsequent weight re-gain.

This episode isn’t about placing blame on the things that drove me to obesity, but rather to identify them so that I could create a new, better, more positive behavioral response. If I don’t know why something bad happened, how can I know that what I’m doing will prevent it from happening again? I believe without this bit of soul searching, I was doomed to stay on roller coaster.

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