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In today’s session, Biology Master Teacher Amrit Raj Sir takes you through the topic – Reproductive Health chapter 4 12th Board Sprint Reloaded Full chapter revision, as it is one of the most important and scoring topics in Biology, CBSE Class 12 of NCERT Science Books.

Amrit sir enlightens you with CBSE Class 12 exam preparation strategy for Science biology with in-depth explanations and how to revise crucial topics. This session will be mainly around the topic – “Reproductive Health class 12 ncert in Hindi” with the proper explanation which in turn helps in an easier understanding of the basic concepts to solve problems and get good marks in the 12th CBSE Board Exams. In today’s class, Amrit sir will talk about the topic and share some preparation tips on how to score more marks in CBSE Class 12 Science Biology Exam.

Key Areas of this Session

1)Reproductive Health


3)Saheli (Oral Contraceptive)

4)Natural Method

5)Periodic Abstinence

6)Withdrawal or Coitus Interruptus

7)Lactational Amenorrhea

8)Barrier Method



11)Cervical Caps


13)Intrauterine Devices(IUD’S)

14)Progestogen or in combination with estrogen

15)MTP ( Medical Termination of Pregnancy )

16)STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Disease)


18)Artificial Insemination

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