Say This Blessing To Manifest Anything – Law Of Attraction For Health, Wealth, Love & Gratitude

In this video, I demonstrate how to do the 2nd Mind Blessing which is a collective consciousness type of prayer to help you and millions of others across the globe.

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The 2nd Mind Blessing is a quick and easy exercise you can do multiple times per day that will serve as a great reminder on how to tap into your every powerful 2nd Mind.

It will not only help you to keep coming back into your 2nd Mind, but it’s also a collective consciousness experiment with thousands of other people who are also simultaneously doing the blessing as well.

The purpose of the 2nd Mind Blessing is to continually set the intention that you’re a health, wealth, love and gratitude magnet and to share this intention with others. The more you set this intention and the more you do the blessing, the more it will begin to work not only for yourself but for everyone around the globe participating.

So here’s all you have to do…

Take a look at your hands and mentally assign these 4 words to each finger…

1. Your index fingers represent Health.
2. Your middle fingers represent Wealth.
3. Your ring fingers represent Love.
4. Your pinky fingers represent Gratitude.

Now, start massaging your index fingers and as you are massaging the fingers, say to yourself… “I am deserving of good health.”

The reason we assign health to the first finger is that your health is the most important thing in your life. Without health, we have nothing and begin to die.

As your thinking about good health, quickly rub the palms and other reflexology points in your hands. This will contribute to blood flow and oxygen to vital organs and help with any stress you may be feeling.

Next, I want you to begin massaging your middle fingers and repeat…

“I am deserving of abundance and wealth.”

Remember, wealth isn’t solely about money and monetary gains. We also want a wealth of health, love, and gratitude in our life as well.

Next, I want you to move over to your ring fingers and repeat…

“I am deserving of love.”

All of us deserve love, and the best way to start receiving it is by practicing a bit of self-love.

Finally, move to your pinky fingers and begin massaging them and repeat…

“I am so happy and grateful for this life and the ability to access my 2nd Mind.”

As you continue to massage your gratitude fingers, I want you to share this gratitude with everyone else in the world who may be doing the 2nd Mind blessing too.

Because here is the magical thing about this 2nd Mind Blessing…

This is a collective consciousness effort that extends far beyond just yourself.

Sure, you can get amazing reminders and results each time you do it for yourself, but it’s even more powerful when you recognize that you’re not alone and that thousands of others are doing the same blessing themselves and sharing their gratitude with you as well.

When we go into the 2nd Mind Blessing with this intention, we reap compounded benefits from everyone’s efforts and participation.

Soon, it will be millions of people simultaneously blessing each other multiple times a day and it will be the most beautiful thing ever.

Now that we’ve massaged each of our fingers with the specific intention, it’s time to bring our hands together so each of the fingertips is touching.

Think of this as the Yin and Hand coming together.

Finally, connect the tips of your thumbs to seal this blessing and then bring your hands in the prayer position to your forehead and perform a slight bow and say “Aho” which means… “Yes, I agree”.

There you go, you did it!

Do this anytime you want to feel calmer, happier, and in a more optimistic state. It only takes a minute or two and the repercussions can be massive.

Remember, we are all in this life together and every bit of effort on your part has a ripple effect far beyond what you can see or feel. So, I’m going to make a promise that I will do this for you, and I hope you’ll promise to do it for others as well.

Thank you so much, may you have a wonderful day.

And remember…

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