Young Gho$t – Seaweed Diet (feat. Patrick Gower)

Compiled from Behind the Scenes footage of ‘Paddy Gower On Weed’
Beat produced by Chronic Shnxman, video by
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I’m on a seaweed diet, if I see weed then I smoke it
So I been losing weight, but I ain’t losing focus
Gas em up like motors make the crowd go wild like protest
Steal my bars like vultures shower man down like plague of locusts
They wanna sleep on Gho$t I guess they must be eating lotus
Wanna try stop my rise then you’re gonna need to be peeling posters
Got that green like grocers got that bank like semen donors
But I ain’t been feeling sober mind gone blank I’ve eaten soma
Tastes like I’ve eaten dirt, gag reflex I reel and lurch
Ghost on the block I creep and lurk
, cook that feed up seasoned work
I am a hungry man, I’ll do anything but I’m eating first
I only work with purpose won’t move without a reason first

I been reeling in a catch tryna make a batch, getting offers that I can’t refuse like ‘what’s the catch
Quarter pound in a shopping bag, I ain’t been to Maccas but I got these sauce packets all up on my dash
Pull up like what’s up with that
I make em froth, just like a flat white
Cutting up tracks, call a man Samurai Jacknife
That’s right, man I ain’t rapping to fight
If I played up that’s an arrogant night
I see the bait and I’ll bite
I got no hate for your types
But I got hate in my mind that emerges when I put my face on the mic
It’s taken my whole life to change and I ain’t really done it
The only way I know to go is straight so I run it
All these berry flavours yeah I got a whole punnet man I’m stunted
I got 420 vision but I’m keeping it 100 hindsight 50/50 tryna keep on top of numbers
I been feeling like a giant just awakened from a slumber
I been chopping up this tree steady making all this lumber

I’m on a seaweed diet – if i see weed then I smoke it so I been losing weight, but I ain’t losing focus (x2)

I got a hole in my wall, so I can’t focus at all
I feel like I’m an all, black, way that I’m holding the ball
I’m on a seaweed diet, if I seaweed then I eat it
So I been feeling salty, least I ain’t feeling seasick

I’m on a seaweed diet – if i see weed then I smoke it so I been losing weight, but I ain’t losing focus (x2)

DISCLAIMER: This video does not contain any behind the scenes footage of Paddy Gower on weed. How could you even believe something so ridiculous? It is also not sanctioned by either TVNZ, TV3, or in fact any sort of official body.

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