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Following a prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, and after experiencing depression, incontinence, and other side effects, sports medicine physiotherapist Peter Dornan AM put an ad in a newspaper inviting fellow patients to meet. Since then he has supported men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Peter’s commitment to helping men share experiences and seek support has helped create a culture change in the treatment management for men with prostate cancer. Receiving a grant to research incontinence – a common consequence in men after prostate cancer treatment – he designed a successful program to treat the condition and published a book used across Australian prostate cancer support groups. He also developed a nationally and internationally recognised program for managing patients with pelvic pain.

Peter is a director of the Board of the Cancer Council of Queensland for which he has helped raised significant funds. A successful writer and sculptor, he took up mountain climbing after prostate cancer recovery, successfully scaling Mount Kilimanjaro at age 60.

Australian of the Year awards:

Each year our nation celebrates the achievements and contributions of eminent Australians through the Australian of the Year Awards by profiling leading citizens who are role models for us all.

They inspire us through their achievements and challenge us to make our own contribution to creating a better Australia.

The Awards honour an exceptional group of highly respected Australians who ignite discussion and change on issues of national importance.

The Australian of the Year Awards provides everyone with the opportunity to recognise any Australian who makes them proud.

The four Australian of the Year categories are:

Australian of the Year
Senior Australian of the Year (those aged 65 years or over)
Young Australian of the Year (ages 16 to 30)
Australia’s Local Hero

The Awards operate at two levels – State/Territory and national.

State and Territory selection committees select four nominees for each Award category, with one of these nominees being announced as the State/Territory Award recipient.

The National Australia Day Council Board selects the Australians of the Year from the group of 32 State and Territory recipients.

The prestigious year-round program culminates in the announcement of the National Award recipients in Canberra on Australia Day Eve.

For more information on the Australian of the Year Awards, read about the history of how recipients are chosen:

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#AOTY2020 #ausoftheyear

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