After eating a vegan diet for around 6 years i woke up to the reality that a vegan diet was not working for me, it was effecting my health in such a negative way holistically and it was in fact k*lling me slowly because it is not a healthy sustainable nourishing diet.

Since making this switch i started to really see clearly that almost every other long term vegan i have ever met in my lifetime almost all of them show clear signs of malnourishment.

Yet even though so many vegans are surviving rather than thriving on a plant based vegan diet and having digestive, mental and physical health issues and symptoms that are caused by there diet they still keep eating this way due to them being massively brainwashed by people in the vegan movement.

This makes it very hard for them to let go of there vegan identity and vegan programming which prevents them from actually opening there mind fully to the potential of animal foods being good for them to the point that it would nourish them in a way to resolve all of there health issued and symptoms once and for all.

I share all of my thoughts and opinions on all of the above and much more in this video, so if this video “STOP EATING A VEGAN DIET, ITS K*LLING YOU!” sounds of interest to you make sure to watch it NOW!

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