Dr. Jaquish Bad Diet and Bad Workout Equipment

Dr. Jaquish has made some ridiculous claims about nutrition and training despite being well educated and having a phd in biomedical engineering research. He has recently claimed that he has not eaten a single fruit or vegetable in 2 years and that eating anything other than meat is completely pointless. He has also claimed that weight training is possibly one of the worst ways to stimulate muscle growth and you should buy his over priced resistance band set to maximize muscle growth.

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research referenced:
optimal LDL:
Fiber and health outcomes:
Multi Vitamins have no effect on mortality:
dynamic effort training has no benefits on strength gains. (this paper originally claimed that dynamic effort improved strength gains but was later retracted)
Resistance training with elastic bands is not more effective for muscle growth compared to resistance training with weight machines *note this is the study that Dr. Jaquish references on his website in support of his claim that elastic bands are more effective for muscle growth compared to free weights:

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