Is FRUIT A Problem On My Diet – Must See! | Dr. Nick Z.

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Is Fruit A Problem On My Diet – Must See! | Dr. Nick Z. is a video that teaches on whether or not you should eat fruit on your diet.

Is fruit good for you is a question I get asked a lot. My response is often a vague one as you have yo put this conversation in proper context. Is fruit healthy? Absolutely in certain scenarios. Is fruit bad for you? Yes, in certain scenarios.

Is fructose bad for you is the next question people ask. Many people are afraid to eat fruit because it has this sugar that is demonized in it. Fructose is demonized because it is confused with high fructose corn syrup which is found in many canned foods and sodas. When people finally realize how bad high fructose corn syrup in for you they usually are afraid to have fructose period.

If your wondering does fruit make you fat, it absolutely can and will if you are overeating it. If you are someone who is concerned about weight loss then fruit is something you will want to cut out altogether. You want to specifically cut out the big fruits high in sugar and only stick to low glycemic berries during this time.

What is the most healthy fruits to eat on a daily basis? That would be berries. If you have any condition you want to avoid the high sugar fruits and simply stick to berries. For a completely healthy individual there is nothing wrong with eating high sugar fruits on a daily basis as they have many health benefits to offer.


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