Beauty and Health: Herbal way


Nature is a virtual store house for healthy plants and herbs from which many traditional medicine systems derive life saving medicines. Not only this many manufacturers of beauty product use herbal and plant extracts in their concoctions.    Nature holds lots of beauty secrets which are known to the locals who study traditional medicines. They utilize these herbal ingredients and plant extracts for beauty and health treatments. As more and more research is carried out the secrets of herbal and plants is being thrown open. They are now becoming a regular part of the beauty and health school curriculum. The beauty education programs inculcate use of herbal and plant extracts by trained beauticians and cosmetologists. Using these substances in the beauty and health treatment requires extensive knowledge and art.    In earlier time before the institutions of beauty and health treatment came into picture, professional training was not there. Hence in olden times flowers like rose, essential oils, varieties of clay, extracts, pastes and honey and beeswax were much in use. Today beauty students have modern tools for beauty and health treatment which if added with herbal treatment will work wonders.Professional beauty and health institutes are now realizing these magical gift of nature and are extensively researching on them. The studies on natural methods of making people beautiful and healthy are leading to startling discoveries. These products have no side effects as compared to synthetic chemicals in treatments. Many beauty schools have created natural treatment methods and used them successfully ob clients. These methods based on natural therapy are being taught to students of health and beauty programs.    Source: Free Articles from

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